A Circular Model

Our commitment; Reduce our environmental footprint, including working towards zero food waste, to innovate and develop partnerships to move towards a circular model and to share sustainability best practices with suppliers and our clients.

Contributing to a Circular Economy

Accelerated natural resources consumption and increasing food waste are having a wide-reaching impact on the environment, societies and the economy. For this reason we are continuing to adopt environmentally friendly practices to reduce waste, with a big focus on reducing disposables across our business, increase best practice recycling methods with our clients and reduce food waste, with a commitment to achieve zero food waste to landfill by 2025.

Food waste is not only a waste of precious natural resources, it also contributes to climate change if it is not disposed of using environmentally friendly methods. We will continue to find innovative ways to both cut food waste and then to divert any remaining waste away from landfill, creating partnerships to close the loop.