Our approach

The care and retirement sector faces huge challenges in terms of demand for services and funding - we work hard to provide cost effective services that support health and wellbeing goals.

We provide a wide range of specialist catering and additional facilities management services through Caterplus to support thousands of patients, staff and guests. We operate in the not-for-profit and public and private sector within care homes and retirement villages nationwide.

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Caterplus Assisted living & Extracare

Residential care homes

Our award-winning brand, Caterplus, is one the UK's leading catering services specialising in the care sector.


We provide a range of specialist services, working with our team of dieticians and nutritionists to ensure our food is delicious and offers the right nutritional balance for our customers.


We have developed a delicious texture modified food range and continue to innovate to support the needs of our customers.

Retirement villages

Our award-winning brand, Caterplus, focus on the whole experience, making sure food and service is at the very heart of the community.


We believe food can bring a community together and work with our clients to create a truly bespoke offer that meets the needs of their residents. Providing a range of services, from hospitality and events to branded cafés, restaurants, tailored retail offers and home delivery, there is something to meet the needs of everyone.

Assisted living

We know food services play a vital role for people who have chosen extra care or assisted living arrangements and our aim is to enrich our customer's day through with our food and service.


Our specialist Caterplus brand carry out regular research to understand the needs of our customers to ensure we meet their needs.

Specialist & tailored catering

We have a dedicated team of dieticians and nutritionists who work hard to support our customers.


We have developed an award-winning texture modified food range and specialist food cards to improve the dining experience for people with dementia.


Caterplus has also developed a variety of religious menus including kosher and halal.