A cookie is a small data file that the Site server sends to the cookies folder of the browser on the hard disk of your computer.

The Site uses two types of cookie:

  • Session cookies that help you browse as comfortably as possible on a safe, user-friendly and efficient site and simply make sure the Site itself operates correctly. These cookies include media and video (e.g. YouTube) cookies that make Site browsing more dynamic. The cookies are temporary and are deleted immediately you leave the Site. They do not collect data from your computer or from its activity while it is on the Site;
  • Permanent cookies that study user habits over a certain period and carry out statistical analyses. The statistical analyses Group Companies carry out using the data in these cookies are performed on a general and not personal basis (statistics on anonymous visits). Analyses are carried out by Google Analytics using the following data: age, sex, interests. Permanent cookies do not allow the recipients of collected data to identify the individuals to whom the data refers.

The Site does not currently use third party cookies (i.e. cookies that generate adverts or banners for third party products or services).

Group Companies keep the data collected using cookies for thirteen (13) months and do not sell it to third parties or use it for any other purpose.