How we are doing this...

We have committed to reduce our carbon footprint in line with the reduction recommended by the Paris Agreement, and we have a robust plan in place to ensure we achieve this.

Our ambition is to reach Net Zero by 2050, and we are taking proactive measures and initiating projects to ensure we’re on track to achieve our carbon reduction goals.

Reducing waste with packaging

We are working hard to reduce packaging waste, including reducing the use of disposables and supplier delivery packaging waste.


By utilising innovative reusable solutions, we are removing disposable packaging from many of our sites across the business. We publicly report on the percentage of our disposable packaging purchased that is holds sustainable criteria at least an annual basis.

Reducing food waste

As caterers we are committed to reducing food waste and are proud to be a Guardian of Grub Champion


Not only do we educate our team and customers about waste but we have introduced a number of other initiatives to help us achieve a 25% reduction by 2025:

  • We have teamed up with food redistribution company OLIO to donate surplus food to vulnerable local communities.
  • We have introduced Chefs Eye, an intuitive food waste measurement technology platform, which measures food waste.
  • Launched award-winning food brand Trashed – a Lexington Catering led initiative rewarded for the promotion of recipes that recycle left-overs or food that would otherwise be binned.

Carbon footprint

It is our ambition to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.


We will do this by innovating our menus to replace higher carbon ingredients with lower carbon ingredients, minimising food waste, reducing disposables and packaging waste, removing gas where possible and creating energy efficiencies.


Scope 3 emissions remain by far the greatest challenge in achieving Net Zero, success in this area depends on supply chain innovation and an urgency to act across the sector. We will be publishing progress related to both ours and our suppliers Net Zero ambitions on our website,

updating this on an annual basis within the publications section.


Engaging our team & customers 

It’s important for us to ensure all stakeholders in our business are involved in improving our environmental impact.


We need to ensure the decisions we take are aligned to the values of our people and the communities we serve. Part of how we do this is by communicating through reports internally and externally, through listening to our clients needs and aligning our ambitions to theirs and through market analysis to drive and shape the strategic direction of our plans.


If you would like to contribute to our plan, simply email