Corporate Responsibility

With our CR strategy, we want to leave a positive footprint in the world from our work. And we are working to achieve this in collaboration with our suppliers, clients, customers, and business partners.

Our CSR strategy is focused on generating a positive Foodprint, from farm to fork, working with our suppliers, clients, guests and employees. Built around four main commitments, covering the whole of our value chain, from how we sustainably source our ingredients, to the innovative, healthy choices that we provide our guests, and from how we minimize food waste to how we help our people to fulfill their potential.

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Positive Foodprint Plan

Healthy Choices

We aim to reflect the best in food on the High street, while optimising the nutritional value of our offers and promoting the benefits of a healthy diet.

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Sustainable Ingredients

As a large purchaser of animal products, Elior UK understand the effect we can have on animal welfare within our supply chain. We believe it is important to outline our animal welfare commitments and objectives to our consumers to show that we are working for better welfare throughout our supply chain.

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Thriving People and Communities

We are proud of the diversity and talent of our people and we ensure all of our colleagues have the opportunity to maximise their potential

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Circular Model

We are working towards zero food waste and plan to develop partnerships to move towards a circular model, sharing sustainability best practices with suppliers and our clients.

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