Venues, Attractions and Stadia

Elior offers a portfolio of services that bring innovation and greater value to the owners and operators of visitor attractions, venues and events, and stadia. We call this portfolio, Foodsmiths.


Foodsmiths brings together all Elior businesses specialising in catering and hospitality at visitor attractions and venues, special events and stadia. It’s not a name always seen by customers, with the exception of our Foodsmith branded cafes and restaurants. On most sites, the branding and colourways are bespoke to reflect the unique identity, ethos and history of each location.

The Foodsmiths portfolio unites all our teams working in this important market to maximise the sharing of best practice and new ideas. So that we can offer the best, most imaginative food services. Services that help clients to enhance their customer experience.

At the heart of the Foodsmiths portfolio is our commitment to handcrafted, delicious, healthy, innovative food, presented and served with flair and outstanding professionalism. And continually developed to be completely in tune with what people now love and care about in food.

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Bespoke Cafes & Restaurant Service

We design and operate cafes, restaurants, and bars tailored to be unique to your specific venue. These outlets are tailor-made to reflect the individual character of the venue and carry your own brand, colours, and themes. 

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Cafes & Restaurants Branded As Foodsmiths

These offer a very distinct combination of handcrafted food, friendly and professional service and welcoming, contemporary environment, for owners of all kinds of attractions. 

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Hospitality & Events

We bring a handcrafted, high quality, imaginative approach to hospitality at events. We introduce real flair to this demanding field of catering, with tailored menus and a service that makes food a memorable part of the occasion. 

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We manage a range of inspiring venues across mainland Britain. They cover the spectrum from historic magnificence to exciting contemporary design. All benefit from the professionalism of their approach to catering, hospitality and event management.

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Sports Stadia

We have many years of experience operating successfully as one of the leading contract caterers at famous sporting venues, both in the UK and internationally. Our services range from VIP fine dining and hospitality for guests on matchdays, and at special events, to large-scale retail food offers for fans.

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Venue Finding Service

Venue Elior offers a web showcase for companies and private clients who are looking for outstanding venues for their special events

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