Retail Food Services

By providing retail food services, we enable retailers to focus solely on being great retailers by taking charge of their in store restaurants and cafes, enhance the shopping experience and catering for their retail employees.

Our specialist retail catering services team works with clients to build their income and customer loyalty in store, while at the same time caring for their staff in the multi-shift retail environment. Our in-store cafes are helping to make the customer experience more enjoyable and reflect the values of our clients’ brands. Our experience with leading retail groups in the UK has enabled us to develop and fine-tune a range of excellent value-for-money retail service offers, particularly for successful retail site destinations.

Our catering services for retail employees are designed to take good care of people working in the demanding, 24/7 multi-shift environment of today’s major stores, where the spirit and motivation of employees are key to the retailer’s brand reputation.