We use quality, variety and value comparable with the best in the High Street to increase customer participation on site and drive down subsidies

Elior is a specialist provider of services including army catering, designed to contribute to the wellbeing of military and civilian personnel operating in the unique environment of major high security defence sites. The challenge of change and rationalisation in UK defence forces makes our work to maintain the quality and value of services on these sites more important than ever.

We deliver a range of solutions to meet the combined needs of traditional soft services delivery and the new MoD - Catering, Retail and Leisure (CRL) initiatives, Hotel Mess Services, Cleaning and sub contracted services.

Our resources as one of the leaders in our industry enable us to provide the strategic commitment and investment in operational excellence essential for these services to be delivered successfully and sustainably.  And to be continually improved to refresh and renew our services for these large self -contained communities. Our service model is to offer the quality, variety and value comparable with the best available in the open market, and through increasing customer participation to progressively drive down subsidies.

Catering Services

Our military catering operations are designed to reflect the culture and diversity of the modern defence sector with services that nurture health, wellbeing and sociability and ensure that all personnel can meet the demands of the job. We develop and deliver military food service solutions for the long term, that maximise the quality and variety of food and accommodation on site while contributing to cost reduction goals.

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Retail Convenience Store Services

Our retail solution provides chilled food and produce, hot food to-go options and an expanding range of international and ethnic goods to meet the diverse needs of the sites as well as Under Armour clothing and practical daily use items.

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Support Services

In addition to our food and retail services we provide a range of Defence Support Services which includes Mess & Hotel Services, Cleaning, Reception, Vending, Waste Management, Laundry, and building management.

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