With almost 40 years’ experience in the industry, Danny was approached by the Ben Walton Charity to adapt dishes to suit patients who need their food blended or pureed because of their cancer or associated treatments. To produce the recipes, the Greenock chef worked closely with his wife Liz, a former nurse. 

Danny McArdle said: “The idea for the book came from the Ben Walton Trust who also asked me to put together a Christmas menu for them, one that people with difficulty swallowing could enjoy. I made a turkey mousse and Christmas pudding ice cream which went down well. It all went from there really and I ended up taking the book on as a personal project that I worked on with my wife – a former nurse who now works in health improvement.” 

“As well as lots of recipes, the book also has some general tips on catering for people with cancer. Vinegar and other acids can be an issue, for example, so I included other ingredients and methods you can use instead. Cancer has affected me personally – like it has many people – so I just wanted to use the skills I had to give something back.”   

Anne Marie Martin, Elior’s catering manager at EE Greenock, said: “Danny is a talented chef with a real flair – but he’s also a very considerate, caring person. It’s easy to see how he would have been involved with a project like this. And we’re just thrilled to have him on board.”

The book includes a number of adaptations on firm family favourites like fish and cottage pie, sweet and roast pepper soup and sausage casserole. Copies of Dinner with a Difference can be downloaded online by visiting www.benwaltontrust.org.