This new report demonstrates Elior’s approach to sustainable business in the UK. The report highlights our achievements over our previous report and outlines our objectives for the future.

Within the report you will see a fresh approach to CSR which aligns the UK with the Group objectives. This enables the UK to participate and underpin wider company principles and aspirations. This divides CSR into 3 key areas: a responsible company, a committed employer and an active partner.

What’s in the report?

In this year’s report you’ll find features on sustainable purchasing, accreditations, innovation and trends, health and safety achievements and key highlights of the work Elior and its employees have completed over the last year.

Why a CSR report?

CSR reporting has become common practice within 21st Century business. It allows us to act transparently and gives our clients and customers an insight into how we as a company act responsibly. The report is intended to share our successes of the previous year and our aims and vision for the future.  

View an Online Copy of the 2015-2016 CSR Report