More than 1 in 5 over 55s suffer from dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), and in April 2018, the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative targeted the majority of UK care homes to change their texture modified food standards to meet set descriptors.

As a leading catering provider in the care sector, Elior designed the Dining with Dignity programme in partnership with Premier Foods, offering a fresh approach to texture modified food. The innovative menu makes texture modified food appetising, helping people enjoy their food with dignity, eat it safely and live a better quality of life.

To achieve this, Elior’s care catering staff across their sites need the right knowledge and training. A champion for employee support, Elior equipped Caterplus staff with classroom learning such as practical workshops introducing IDDSI requirements to chefs, eLearning resources, two-day ‘train the trainer’ workshops for more senior chefs, as well as support from Elior’s Safety and Wellbeing Team. A team from Premier Foods led by Mark Taylor played an integral part in the technical training, contributing expertise and knowledge in assisting with the development of content and materials for training initiatives. As a result, 100% of Caterplus employees have completed IDDSI training.

Matt Jennings, learning & development business partner at Elior UK said: “We’re thrilled to have picked up Gold for the Best Customer Experience Programme – a lot of dedication and innovation has gone into Dining with Dignity. With care sites across the UK, our comprehensive programme ensures all care employees have the knowledge to meet best practice standards.

“At Elior, the customer experience is at the heart of what we do, and we’re proud that Dining with Dignity is improving the lives of residents in their twilight years.”

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