Leading contract caterer Elior UK has launched its Social Value Charter to build on the activities already embedded in its business and to activate a co-ordinated approach to taking account of the economic, social and environmental effects of its actions and ensure that all colleagues and those who work with Elior UK are making a conscious effort to create a positive impact wherever possible.

The Charter summarises Elior UK’s on-going approach to social value matters that are relevant to its business operations, policies and supply chain. Key performance indicators are measured alongside Elior UK’s corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy; its ‘Positive Footprint Plan’ and carbon reduction goals for 2025.

The company’s social values actions are spread across social, environmental and economic areas as follows:

Social – nurturing a culture of inclusivity, developing skills and giving back to society and local communities and includes:

  • Helping people – through partnerships and skills development – to access employment and upskilling colleagues through training, coaching and apprentice programmes such as supporting Springboard’s Ambassador Programme.
  • Driving charitable giving and activities including its target to raise £100,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society by 20xx and acting to address malnutrition and poverty;
  • Developing a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • Creating safe places to work and providing healthy and nutrition food options;
  • Funding SMEs in the development of skills in healthcare, education and hospitality sectors.

Environmental – tackling climate change, respecting the environment and reducing waste including:

  • Instigating climate action through the company’s 2025 carbon reduction strategy – reducing waste, conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of menus; to date the company has reduced beef consumption across the business by 47% and introduced Chef’s Eye technology to help reduce its food waste.
  • Transferring to a totally electric or hybrid vehicle fleet by 2025; achieved 50% to date.
  • Reducing single use plastics and increasing the use of re-usables such as its new partnership with Bottle Up, a supplier of re-usable sugar cane water bottles;
  • Increasing recycling and collaborating with clients to improve recycling rates;
  • Promoting partnerships and working with charities and third sector organisations that are committed to improving environmental standards.

Economic – driving a positive impact in local communities through an inclusive approach including:

  • Supporting the integration of SMEs and social enterprises into the business;
  • Selecting UK manufacturers and producers and promoting ethical procurement;
  • Prioritising certified suppliers and products that demonstrate strong environmental, social and economic standards such as working with the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation.  

Catherine Roe, Chief Executive of Elior UK, said: “Social value is quite simply the value we can bring to society through our work. Holding social value at the heart of decision making has never been so important.

For many years we have embedded activities to deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to local people and communities and our team’s commitment to driving social value initiatives makes me incredibly proud. We have implemented and continue to adopt many initiatives to support our commitment to social value and I look forward to realising these together with our clients, customers and supply partners.”

Elior will ensure that social value is managed through a policy framework that integrates its health, safety, wellbeing, environmental and social value commitments and objectives and ensures that defined organisational arrangements are in place. The Charter will be reviewed at least annually at board level and will be revised in accordance with Elior’s procedures and any changes in legislation