The aim of this programme is to develop the next generation of Head Chefs, Chef Managers, and Cook Managers, whilst committed to embedding the values of Elior’s Leadership model.

The programme’s content will encourage learners to develop and enhance behaviours in several areas including motivating & inspiring teams, being focused on the front line, developing people and thinking outside the box. 

Unlike standard leadership programmes, every class will be set in the context of a kitchen environment. This will contribute to making the learning experience both realistic and relevant.

The first 12 months will consist of one class per month and the last 6 months of the programme is broken down in to project work as well as the learner taking active involvement as a mentor for a chef school student on the Chef Academy graduation day. By the end of the programme learners will be have an understanding of how to combine leading a team as well as running a kitchen operation. Built into the curriculum of the programme is a Level 4 apprenticeship in management. This ensures learners are working to a nationally recognised standard.

Rob Neary Culinary Learning & Development Manager said: "Future Leaders is about developing the next generation of Head Chefs and Chef Managers in our business. By showing an interest in this programme, colleagues are making clear their ambition for career progression with us.

We are here to give them all the support and guidance they will need to fulfil that ambition. However, it is not just about what we do to support them. They will need to commit to completing the work set, challenging themselves and develop and put in practice what they learn. The reward will be a Level 4 apprenticeship in management and the skills to develop their careers within the Elior UK business. 

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