The system – provided by software development company Ten Kites – allows customers to remotely access menus so they can check the price, allergen information and nutritional content of different dishes in real time.

The online menus automatically pull information from Elior’s recipe hub, StarChef, allowing seamless data transfer. This frees up more time to focus on producing great food and excellent customer service.

Jennifer Rees, Facilities Manager at the Wellcome Genome Campus, said: “The system has been a real game changer for the team. It allows us to manage what menus appear online, preview new ones and schedule dates information goes live. And our customers love it – because they can check everything remotely.”


Carl Morris, director of marketing & corporate communications at Elior, said: “Elior prides itself on delivering a first class customer experience. Thanks to this new technology, customers can check important information like the allergen content of dishes from wherever they are, whenever they want. And for the Elior team, it’s simplified an otherwise time consuming process, allowing us to focus more on what we do best – great food and excellent customer service.”

Stuart Wilson, CEO of Ten Kites, said “We’re delighted Elior has decided to roll our system out at more of its sites. We look forward to continuing our work with Elior, helping streamline operations and improve customer experiences.”