The Elior-branded application powered by Dynamify enables busy consumers to purchase food more conveniently through mobile order-ahead and self-scan functionality. It will be deployed across over 100 Elior sites - from offices and universities to hospitals - throughout 2020 — from offices and universities to hospitals.

Payment is handled automatically through the app, along with paperless receipts, loyalty cards, and promotions. Users can view menu information, including allergens and nutritional content, and the app’s machine learning technology makes personalised food recommendations and offers bespoke Elior promotions. The app also supports Elior’s mission to minimise food waste: after lunch, users can order surplus-food boxes at discount prices for collection at the end of the day.

Catherine Roe, CEO of Elior UK, said: “At Elior, customer experience is at the heart of everything we do, and the deployment of Dynamify’s platform is the next step to create an even better customer journey. Dynamify is instrumental to Elior’s digital transformation, allowing us to offer convenience and personalisation to our tech-savvy customers. We chose Dynamify because it has some of the most sophisticated and comprehensive technology on the market, and is easy for consumers and our employees to use.”

Maxwell Harding, Founder & CEO of Dynamify, said: “We’re excited to collaborate with one of the UK’s leading contract caterers. Users of apps powered by Dynamify typically reduce their wait at the checkout by 95% and spend more given the ease of ordering, paying, and earning rewards in the tap of a button – which will revolutionise the buying experience at Elior-managed sites. We look forward to providing more catering clients with an easy, quick, and affordable route into the booming digital ordering market, while continuing to delight users with the ultimate in convenience and personalisation.”

Dynamify’s technology will provide Elior employees with useful insight into customer behaviour, including predictions of each customer’s lifetime value using machine learning, which can be leveraged for targeted marketing. Dynamify’s plug-and-play cloud platform, which is fully integrated with Elior’s systems, also features back-office management tools including data entry, inventory management, and customer support.