Accelerating Leaders – which has been recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) – provides Elior’s top talent with the skills and development they need to manage multiple sites. The programme, which launched in 2016, forms part of Elior’s Leadership Academy.

Chloe Lander, Elior’s talent & resource manager, said: “We spotted that there’s a big transition required when a manager expands their portfolio for the first time. Taking the step up to managing several sites requires juggling many operations – and without having the intimate working knowledge of a site and its people that they had as a single site manager. We’re launching Accelerating Leaders to fill this skills gap and support our top talent when they make this leap.”

The programme has a practical focus, with only three classroom sessions over the eight month programme. The rest of the time is allocated to learning while actively implementing projects within the business. Team members who enrol on the course will be given tips on improving their time management, coaching others and commercial skills.
Chole continues: “Accelerating Leaders isn’t ‘one size fits all’. Everyone has their own style of leadership. That’s why the programme starts with delegates learning about their own style. Only with this awareness can they fulfil their leadership potential and help Elior to achieve its ambitious targets.”

Each delegate is assigned with a mentor and one of four high level business coaches to fast-track their progression. It is hoped that current delegates will take Accelerating Leaders mentorships next year.