Contract caterer Elior UK has signed up to the Responsibility Deal, volunteering to work with the government to improve public health. It has so far made six pledges including a commitment to salt reduction, the removal of artificial transfats from meals served and the provision of healthy food and drinks to the company’s 10,000 staff.

Carl Morris, director of marketing and corporate communications, explains Elior’s decision: “As a contract caterer we’re very aware of the need to create healthy options for our customers. Not only do market trends show that more and more consumers demand healthy foods but our chefs enjoy working with fresh produce – such as Red Tractor accredited meats and locally sourced fruits and vegetables – to craft balanced, tasty dishes.

“We operate across 650 sites nationwide, covering everything from B&I and the care sector to defence and education, and the pledges we’ve signed up to can be implemented across the whole business. Delivering a great customer experience is at the heart of what we are about  and our culinary team work to create healthy options that deliver joy and pleasure to the customer.”

Separately from the Responsibility Deal commitments, Elior provides Guideline Daily Allowance (GDA) customer information across 130 retail outlets where a consistent seasonal menu is offered. Additionally the 255,000 meals served daily across the business are regularly evaluated to ensure they’re as wholesome as possible.