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Elior and Urban Rajah unleash knockout ‘Indi-Cue’ summer menu

Elior UK and Ivor Peters (the TV chef and spice expert better known as the Urban Rajah) have unleashed a sizzling Indian BBQ & Grill menu across the Elior estate this summer in the latest seasonal refresh of the Urban Rajah Indian Street Kitchen concept.

The new menu is accompanied by the launch of the Urban Rajah’s Indian Frescas – sparkling water infused with fruit juice and Eastern culinary botanicals. The range is a UK first and launches exclusively with Elior UK.

The Urban Rajah said: “In true Rajah style – the new menu is born in Britain, but spiced by India. From Aloo Skins delicately dusted with Chaat Masala to Mango Paneer Kebabs, each dish in the Indi-Cue menu captures the enduring British BBQ spirit, but adds a whole new layer of joy with an injection of vibrant and uncompromising spices.”

The Indi-Cue summer menu:

• Aloo Skins – potatoes reincarnated with a dusting of Chaat Masala before being crisped to precision
• Haldi Slaw – a deliciously fresh combination of crunchy cabbage, vibrant carrots, and plump raisins dressed in a turmeric and yoghurt frock
• Sticky Tamarind Ribs – sprinkled with chilli powder, this meltingly moreish dish is inspired by Goa’s Portuguese heritage, and subsequent knack for producing divine pork dishes
• Murgh Malai Kebabs - silky, tender pieces of chicken steeped in yoghurt, cardamom, and ginger then grilled to mouth-watering perfection
• Mango Paneer Kebabs – zesty caramelized chunks of Paneer coated in a jammy Mango Chutney and marinated in a flurry of spices
• Tandoori Cauliflower Steaks – brushed with a silky tandoori paste and grilled to produce a finish that’s all at once crispy, crunchy, smooth and juicy!
• Chilli Lime Sweetcorn – sweet and citrusy corn on the cobs marinated in chili and lime then blistered over flames before being tamed with a honey caress
• Mustard Charred Broccoli – planks of broccoli drenched in a mustard, yoghurt, and Chaat Masala blend then charred ‘til sweet surrender
• Kala Til Fried Onions – black sesame onion rings that are all at once crunchy, sweet, and savoury
• Plus three unique handmade sauces
o A tangy, sharp, and spicy Tamarind BBQ Sauce
o A juicy, sweet, and hot Chili Tomato Catsup – India’s answer to ketchup
o A smooth, toasty and cooling Curry Leaf Raita – the perfect foil to chili-spiked dishes
• And a sweet and refreshing Strawberry & Mint Lassi drink – a blend of yoghurt, milk, spices, and fruit. Anglo-Indian fusion at its finest!

Sparkling Indian Frescas
The summer menu also features the first three flavours of the brand new Sparkling Indian Frescas, exclusive to Elior UK:

• Juicy Mango & Papaya with a twist of savoury turmeric
• Crisp Lime & Cucumber with a hint of cardamom
• Fiery Mint & Ginger with a touch of cinnamon

The Urban Rajah added: “The level of sugar in drinks is right under the spotlight. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding more natural, healthy options. Enter the Sparkling Indian Fresca – an electrifying range of healthier soft drinks that use culinary botanicals like cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, fennel, and cumin to add a new layer of flavour to fresh fruit juice and sparkling water… with knockout results.”

The CQUIN compliant drinks have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, are less than 80 calories per can, and are carefully layered with the sorts of botanicals people have been using in tonics and remedies for thousands of years.