The Food for Life Catering Mark is based on the principles that food should be fresh, local, seasonal and better for animal welfare. It means food is freshly prepared using ingredients that are free from GM and harmful additives.

Why is that important? This means that the food Elior UK serve is meeting standards around freshness, provenance and traceability; students and staff can eat at London South Bank University with confidence. The Catering Mark shows that Elior UK prioritises and promotes healthy choices and sustainable purchasing.

Ernst Weisbrod, estates contracts manager at London South Bank University, said: “The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors to the campus catering facilities is a priority for London South Bank University. Food is an important part of all of our daily lives and has a direct impact on our health. Our partners, Elior UK, have risen to the challenge and are playing their part by making healthy locally prepared food available."

Elior UK have passed a thorough inspection by the Soil Association to show that they meet the bronze standards detailed below, and will be inspected every year so that they can show they’ve kept up the good work.

Nigel Jobson, operations director at Elior UK, said, “For the Elior team to achieve the Bronze Food for Life Accreditations is a fantastic result. Meeting the standards for traceability, integrity and good provenance with a trusted industry symbol makes us very proud and it is one of the key goals we have pledged to achieve with London South Bank University, next step is the Silver standard!”

Bronze Standards

  • Meals contain no undesirable food additives or hydrogenated fats
  •  75% of dishes are freshly prepared
  •  Meat is from farms which satisfy UK welfare standards
  • Eggs are from cage-free hens
  • Menus are seasonal
  • Training is provided for all catering staff
  • No GM ingredients are used
  • Free drinking water is prominently available
  • No fish are served from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) ‘fish to avoid’ list
  • Information is on display about food provenance
  • All suppliers have been verified to ensure they apply appropriate food safety standards