Elior’s Colleague Engagement

We ensure all colleagues have a voice and are recognised.

As a Sunday Times Top 25 Best Big Companies to Work For Award winner, the engagement of our colleagues in the business is a top priority. We strive to build a culture in which all our colleagues know they are supported and rewarded for the work they do. Here are some of the programmes and initiatives which make that support a day to day reality for colleagues, wherever the work in the organisation.

Our colleagues’ opinions matter

We believe it is vital for us to understand how we are viewed as an employer - the things we do well and the things that require improvement.

We conduct colleague opinion surveys that give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion about what it is like to work for the company. The surveys cover areas such as internal communications, job satisfaction and career development opportunities.

We are committed to ensuring that we carefully assess colleague feedback and act swiftly to make progress in areas that require attention.

Recognising achievement

We take care to recognise and reward people who set a great example.

Elior’s awards for excellence

We celebrate the contribution of our highest performing colleagues through the Elior Awards for Excellence. These prestigious, annual awards recognise talent from across our business in several award categories which reflect the company’s core values.

The event is sponsored by our supply partners and hosted by a well-known personality. Every colleague has the opportunity to nominate and the winners are awarded a holiday of a lifetime.

Making a difference

We recognise and celebrate colleagues who demonstrate our values and go above and beyond their normal duties through our ‘You Made a Difference’ scheme. Through this scheme, colleagues know they have been recognised for their hard work. Winners are listed on our extranet and have a chance to win vouchers.

Focusing on talent

Performance and development, talent reviews and succession planning

We have an annual Talent Management Cycle that is established across our business. We start the year with annual performance and development reviews for all colleagues, where open and honest conversations are encouraged to support career aspirations.

Talent Reviews are then carried out for all management and operations teams across all the divisions, annually. These enable us to identify our top talent for short and long term development and to put in place our succession planning with colleagues.