Our chefs can select from a range of eggs including free range and organic, depending on the client budget within which they are working. As a minimum quality standard, their choice must be made from suppliers providing eggs of UK origin and Red Lion accredited, and compliant with EU Council Directive 99/7/4/EC.


We uphold the Elior Group objective to sourcing 100% sustainably sourced fish. In the UK we support the position stated by the Marine Conservation Society which places importance on maintaining a secure future for our living seas and to save our threatened marine wildlife before it becomes extinct. Elior UK requires that all our suppliers comply with the Marine Conservation Society Fish to Eat Guide, ensuring that species that are rated 4 (at risk) or 5 (endangered) are removed from our supply chain. Furthermore, specifically for farmed fish, it is a requirement that all seafood suppliers supply Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) or Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) accredited fish. Our current reports show that we are sourcing 100% sustainably sourced fresh fish (2016/17) and this will continue to be monitored within our supply chain and reported on each year.


We take requirements in animal welfare further by adopting Red Tractor standards for fresh meat from UK suppliers. An independent audit of our company is carried out annually to ensure our practices meet the high standards required to allow us to continue to use the Red Tractor marque. Elior was the first contract caterer to have this full company-wide accreditation.

The Red Tractor only covers UK reared and slaughtered meat and poultry. Meat imported from Europe is covered by European law.

We also track our meat suppliers and their suppliers on their FSA audit scores.

Our meat and poultry catalogue identifies (using unique Elior codes) the origin of all cuts of meat and poultry and gives their accreditation.