Sustainable Ingredients

Our commitment; Through better procurement, we aim to increase the sustainability of our ingredients, by continuing to build long-term relationships with our suppliers for best quality and to further develop a sustainable supply chain, with a continued emphasis on local produce.

Taking responsibility in the food chain

Whether meat, fish or vegetables we take care to buy from sustainably managed sources. Where possible we always buy locally and are committed to helping support UK farmers and growers.

Red Tractor products feature heavily on our menus, to give our clients and customers high levels of traceability as well as ensuring higher levels of environmental protection and increased standards of animal welfare. Our fishmongers supply us with fish from well managed, traceable sources, and we provide MSC accredited when required. Additionally we never sell fish listed on the critically endangered IUCN lists.

Good food from Good sources

Building long term business partnerships with the best suppliers is a vital factor in achieving consistently reliable performance in our services. Suppliers undergo a vetting process which is designed to ensure high standards of quality, health and safety and food safety are met. All suppliers must adhere to our supplier’s code of practice which covers the key principles of the UN Global Compact; and all must have British Retail Consortium and SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) accreditation.

We are committed to sourcing food regionally and locally wherever possible and we give preference to fresh ingredients in season. Both measures enable us to make the most of British food and also minimise the energy used in its production, transport and refrigeration.

Red Tractor accredited produce are provided from Elior suppliers. This marque not only gives reassurance on the origin of the produce but also guarantees that minimum standards of food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare are met.

Animal Welfare

We ensure that all our suppliers comply with UK and EU animal welfare standards.

We make our policy available to all colleagues via the Elior UK extranet and publicly on this UK website to view and share. Our policy covers animal products purchased by Elior, especially meat, poultry and dairy.

Elior UK supports the position stated by the UK government that animals are sentient beings, not merely commodities; and we seek high standards of animal welfare from our suppliers. We support the Five Freedoms of the Farm Animal Welfare Commitments and these form the basis of our animal welfare commitments:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst, by providing access to water and a diet for maintaining health and vigour
  • Freedom from discomfort, by providing an appropriate environment.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease, by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour, by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and the appropriate company of the animal’s own kind.
  • Freedom from fear and distress, by ensuring conditions and treatment, which avoid mental suffering.

Elior suppliers of fresh meat products have confirmed that their practice is aligned to our animal welfare commitments, we will continue to check this, seek development opportunities and report on progress on an annual basis.

Palm Oil

A concerning impact of palm oil plantations is the destruction of ecosystems through massive deforestation.

We do not purchase palm oil for cooking in the UK and are committed to purchasing 100% sustainable palm oil products from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) accredited suppliers.

Discover our Animal Welfare Policy

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