We're still on duty and ready to help you reopen in a changed world

We've remained at work with client organisations in frontline and key service sectors throughout the Covid19 crisis, helping them adapt to new safety measures  and to maintain food as an important service for people in their care and for their employees . But we've also been thinking ahead, going through every aspect of our service, behind the scenes and front of house, to redesign services for optimum safety in the longer term. Everything is ready - right now - to help the many clients  who are planning to restart their operations. These reopening programmes will enable clients to offer food that brings pleasure, health and value - but with a new dimension of safety - for a changed world. We have a  programme designed  for  clients reopening workplaces  in business, industry and commerce and in the public sector. We also have a programme designed to address the special challenges that face the owners and operators of visitor attractions, stadia, venues and events when they reopen. Both programmes bring to bear world class resources in best practice and innovation to ensure great food can still be delivered successfully in the new safety-conscious environment.

The main elements in these programmes we've summarised below,

The workplace re-opening

Many companies have begun planning their return to work and we're actively supporting our clients to ensure food services are ready and adapted to meet new challenges.

As part of a special COVID-19 project team, operators and specialists within Elior have

reviewed every  step in the customer experience,  working with WHO and government guidelines , to develop an integrated set of protocols, tools, new service practices and technology and equipment solutions that ensure catering services are relaunched safely.

Attractive new food offers that will work most successfully in the new environment are part of the programme.

The programme guide provides extensive detail on:

    * Providing safe environments

    * Introducing new food offers

    * Communicating with client employees- bringing back customers

    * Bringing Elior colleagues back to work

Attractions, venues and events re-opening

The programme designed for visitor operators of attractions, stadia, venues and events offers an integrated approach to rethinking food services in this important market. It covers  all the procedures, operating plans, staffing requirements, hygiene systems, technology solutions, food service style adaptations, apps and media tools that will support guest safety while maintaining a good customer experience

For our University clients

In view of the re-opening options still under review by many universities, we will be consulting with clients in this sector individually to arrive at a tailor made solution for each campus. Many of the solutions we have developed  for clients in the other sectors we describe above will be available to universities, but configured to meet the character and specific needs of each campus.

These programmes are backed by an Elior supply chain that remains robust because of the strength of our international organisation. All our usual world class expertise in nutrition, health and safety, food offer and service innovations remains in place and will be ready to support our clients as they return to work.

Local Elior operations manager are ready to work with clients to create a Relaunch plan that is exactly right for their approach to reopening. Core Relaunch Teams are standing by to work through all issues in detail offering advice and assistance to help make the relaunch of food services as safe and seamless as possible.