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Health and Care

Our nutritious, delicious menus - designed to stimulate interest in food - are supported by caring, professional service from our people to make dining a daily source of health, pleasure and comfort.

Our specialist business Caterplus is a leader in catering services for care and residential homes.

We operate right across the spectrum of homes which now serve the different needs of senior citizens, working in assisted living, the extra care environment, in independent living developments and providing specialist food services in homes for the Jewish community. We also operate in homes run by charities for vulnerable people.

We are dedicated to providing excellent food and service to bring pleasure, comfort and wellbeing to our customers, and contribute to their social life and friendships.  

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Care Homes, Extra Care and Retirement Villages

Our specialist Care teams are transforming food service in this sector.

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Private Hospitals

In this quality driven environment, where patients regard the services that support clinical care as an important factor in their selection of hospitals, food plays a key role.

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Hospital Retail Services

Our hospital staff and visitor food services and shops offer convenience and value, but are also distinguished by a quality of customer care suited to the sensitive healthcare environment.

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