In the City - Lexington Catering

Our in-house premium food services for City clients are designed to reflect the business values of client firms, show their care for employees and extend warm hospitality to guests.

City Offices

Our team for City clients is Lexington Catering, an award winning business providing food services that take the form of premium cafes and deli’s, coffee shops and restaurants and hospitality events. Lexington’s client portfolio includes leading law firms, government regulatory bodies, financial services and investment houses, creative agencies and property companies. We operate these services to city based clients in all UK regions.

We offer a rare combination. A specialist team, passionate about contemporary cuisine, creating seasonal food tailored exactly to meet the diverse tastes and needs of City clients and their employees, served with real flair. We make our offers as innovative and exciting as the best city centre brands available - while ensuring they are cost effectively delivered to offer great value.

But then, backing up this city orientated style of food we also bring substantial resources, a strong record of growth as a listed company and a corporate responsibility record that makes us a reliable long term partner supportive of our clients’ own reputation for responsible corporate citizenship.

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