Great Food and Service

We focus continually on the development of our menus, across all cuisines, to maintain a range of excellent fresh healthy food for all tastes and the matching service standards that make a great customer experience.

Satisfying and Healthy

Our mission is simply to make every meal we serve a delicious meal and an enjoyable experience. For it to be satisfying and healthy. Made from the best fresh ingredients, freshly prepared on site by highly trained people who love cooking. To give our customers a great choice of food, from a range that we know will suit them and their tastes, because we know exactly who they are. To make sure it will be affordable for them where they have to pay for it and offer excellent value. To make our customers feel that although they might be eating our food at work, in their school or university, on their military base, in their care home, at a concert or a game of Rugby, it is food that offers the same pleasure and experience of service they would expect from a favourite restaurant.

The quality of our service, as well as the quality of our food is vital to the customer experience. We want our food to be served by skilled people, with warmth. People we are proud of, who are proud of Elior because we are a good company to work for.

For us, service is not a procedure, but an attitude of mind and a commitment to best practice that grows stronger and more rewarding for everyone involved. For this reason, we invented our own innovative programme of training for all our client site colleagues throughout the UK. Called eXperience it is designed to explore and reinforce continuously our philosophy of making the customer experience enjoyable in every single aspect of service.