Healthy Choices

Our commitment: To help our guests to achieve good health through providing healthy choices and raising awareness

Boosts to Health

We have a big opportunity to help our guests to enjoy food that is not only tasty but is also good for them. We create menus which satisfy both these criteria. With a growing interest in and awareness of the importance of healthy food as part of a healthy lifestyle, our choice of balanced menus will be one of the reasons that our clients and guests continue to choose us.

We promote healthy eating; we run healthy eating days at our client sites to raise awareness and we design our menus to offer a range of delicious healthier choices. We have supported multiple Public Health Responsibility Pledges including removing artificial trans fats and the reduction of salt in our menus. Our programme You & Life is a major multi-faceted initiative involving our customers as well as our colleagues across our business, with clear goals and disciplines aimed at improving health and nutrition through our services.

Innovation is key to encouraging our customers to enjoy healthy choices. We innovate continuously to surprise them and refresh their interest in their diet. Our approach is to reflect the best in food on the High street while optimising the nutritional value of these offers and promoting the benefits of a healthy diet.

A Leader in Food Safety

All our sites undergo rigorous monitoring by a strong team of in-house experts to ensure we operate to the highest standards.

Our Health and Safety team supports every site we work on in the UK. At Elior we believe that safety and wellbeing is fundamental to the quality of our service, a vital discipline, a way of thinking, that runs through our entire business, covering food safety, health and safety and fire safety.

We have built our Health and Safety team into one of the most effective and proactive internal units of its kind in food services and site support services in the UK.