About us

Why elior: the whole experience

We’re dedicated to excellence in customer service, the whole customer experience; the food, the people who serve it, the resources behind the scenes that make us a trusted, innovative partner.

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Innovation is a driving force

In the lead in understanding changing trends in consumer tastes and new service concepts, always looking for ways to improve the appeal of our offers.

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A customer-focused leadership team

A team built to combine long experience in the industry with a strong customer-led perspective

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Our people

Highly skilled, caring people operating in strong teams, on site and behind the scenes, empowered to focus entirely on the needs of customers

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Committed to responsible, sustainable business

We aim to go beyond compliance, to be farsighted and insist on practices that improve our contribution to society.

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Elior and you

As part of a pledge to offering great food, our talented Elior chefs have crafted some delightful, sumptuous dishes and we're offering a handful of recipes to try at home - for free.

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