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In famous venues and attractions we’re transforming food services from a side show to a key part of the visitor experience.


In visitor venues and attractions we are transforming food services into a service that adds value to the venue and increases revenues for our clients - an especially important contribution for clients challenged by attrition in public funding .We operate imaginative, highly professional restaurants and coffee shops serving great food in venues right across the heritage and culture and entertainment fields, in cities and the countryside across the UK. In every case we improve food services and add to the visitor experience performance while ensuring we reflect the individual character and personality of the client’s establishment.

 Elior’s approach of being a “silent brand”, not driven to impose brand franchises but able to bring flexibility, imagination and personalisation to the challenge is a seen by our clients as a distinct advantage. We also have the expert menu development teams who are passionate about food, our nutrition team, and our safety and wellbeing professionals who aim to give security of mind to any public venue operator. And we offer world-class support resources, infrastructure and financial stability that comes with being an international leader in our industry.

As budgets for publicly funded venues are placed under increasing pressure, the solutions we can bring to improve the commercial outlook for clients are opening a new era of opportunity for visitor food services – and a better customer experience and value.

Venue Elior

We also operate our own special events business in the heritage field. We give our clients access to a range of the finest, often unique, venues throughout the UK, combined with first-class planning and event management teams and high quality catering services. Whether the location and setting required is a vibrant city centre or a get-away retreat, our portfolio offers venues that suit every type of occasion.

We cover the full range of events for both corporate and private clients, including: business hospitality, conferences and meetings, banquets, receptions, cocktail parties, product launches, exhibitions, weddings and celebrations.

Our shared cloud based CRM system ensures we share our vast data base for UK corporate bookers and this extends to visitors to the UK from our colleagues in Europe.

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