Independent Schools


We work closely with Independent Schools to help make food an enjoyable and healthy part of the experience of life at school.

We are partnering with more bursars, head teachers and governors who want to make the transition from self-operated to outsourced catering services, or want to find new catering partners who will bring a fresh approach. They are looking for experts they can trust to understand and reinforce the ethos of their schools, while delivering best value.

The services we provide are also increasingly important to parents who, as they invest more in private education, see the pastoral care their children receive, to be a vital factor in the selecting a school.

Our services are tailored to the unique environment of every school and the changing needs and tastes and social life of its pupils as they move through their education. We also recognise that hospitality services are important to many schools and we have the resources and expertise to match the very best that high end establishments achieve, all at an agreed cost to the school.

All menus are analysed for allergens which is a growing and important part of the health and safety of young people. This is important to many parents who send their children to independent schools for their wellbeing as well as a high standard of education.

Besides our food services for clients, we offer a range of people-based support services designed to maintain an efficient, pleasant, safe and productive learning environment