Private Hospitals and Hospital Retail Services

Private hospitals

In this quality driven environment, where patients regard the services that support clinical care as an important factor in their selection of hospitals, food plays a key role. They expect the standard of catering services during their stay to be equivalent to that of a quality hotel.

We provide catering services in private hospitals with menus designed to give choice and  high quality whilst being compatible with the nutritional standards essential to patient recovery. We have world class resources and professional expertise in the field of nutrition to underpin all our hospital catering services. We also provide barista style coffee shops for patients, staff and visitors.

Our chefs prepare daily three course meals, light meals and snacks, both for patients and visitors. And we ensure the service experience matches the quality of the food. Elior staff receive the very best customer service training in the catering industry and work in a culture that is founded on giving our customers pleasure from the whole service experience. We believe that for a hospital patient the warmth, care and efficiency of our service is particularly important.

We take care to make the choosing and ordering of food an easy, pleasant process. Smart ordering via mobile devices is now a routine part of our service.

We also provide catering for medical and support staff.

Elior is a strongly supportive and flexible partner in its private hospital contracts. We are committed to enhancing the patient experience and the reputation of our clients, bringing all the best practice learned from our international operations in healthcare and in other customer environments.


Hospital Retail Services

Elior is bringing a different approach to food services for visitors and staff in hospitals. We focus on customers first, on their needs and circumstances. This has led us to develop food and retail services for hospitals which are distinguished by warmth of service, and customer empathy – the best type of customer experience in the sensitive environment of a major healthcare site. All Elior employees are trained and nurtured in genuine customer care – service from the heart is the core of our proposition throughout our business. At the same time we bring all the commercial best practice, innovation and deep resources needed to deliver the best quality and value on the market.

We operate staff and visitor restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and retail shops within the hospital environment. Our partnerships with well known high street brands mean that we can offer a portfolio of services where appropriate.

Promoting health and wellbeing is high on our agenda in hospital outlets. We offer a comprehensive range of  nutritious foods and drinks and provide consumers with guidance and support on health and nutrition.