Care Homes, Extra Care and Retirement Villages


Our specialist Care teams are transforming food service in this sector. We are dedicated to making food a daily pleasure for residents and patients,   while removing management headaches for clients, helping them with regulation and contributing to their commercial strength.

This is one of our most important specialist businesses, operating in a field where expertise, ethically–led solutions and strong resources must be combined for customers who deserve the greatest attention.

Our senior managers fully understand the Care Home and Extra Care sectors, and the unique challenges faced by clients

We provide ideas and best practice that can improve the service to the point where quality of food is a reason for residents and their families in  choosing the home. Our food service is a tangible barometer of quality.Iit has a positive impact on occupancy rates and the commercial security of the home,both  important factors in our relationship with clients.


Our Operations Teams are highly experienced in healthcare catering. They remove the day to day problems of running the food service, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core role - a major driver for both large healthcare groups and smaller owner managed providers, as increasingly they move to outsourced food services. As part of Elior, we are able to demonstrate operational management disciplines of the highest order. Our people management skills, training and development, procurement and food innovation resources are among the most respected in our industry.

We work in close collaboration with Age UK to develop training programmes based on the best research and most progressive thinking on nutritional and psychological importance of food and dining toolder people in care.

The benefits Elior brings to clients and their residents:

  • Outstanding expertise in nutrition and development of excellent healthcare menus
  • Provisionplan, an innovative programme designed to meet special dietary needs, such as swallowing difficulties and dementia
  • Making the food a showcase service that helps influence the admissions decision and so increase occupancy
  • A management solution that removes the headaches of self - operated catering, but leaves our clients in control
  • A high standard of operational management skills and disciplines that minimises the disruptive and costly use of agency staff
  • Expert guidance with regulation, such as the Care Quality Commission, “Outcome 5 – Meeting Nutritional needs”
  • Excellent industry leading quality procedures and the minimisation of risks in the provision of food in homes
  • Outstanding specialist staff training designed in collaboration with Age UK
  • A range of proven techniques and concepts for making food the focal point for social activities for residents, developed with NAPA.

Retirement  villages

There is a great opportunity to make food services in retirement villages a key part of the quality of life for residents – an important factor in promoting independent living. The quality and value of these services can have a significant influence on residents’ seleciion of a particular location.

We provide services to cover a wide spectrum of customer tastes and needs in these villages. From fully independent and active residents who have chosen to live in this type of community, to frailer residents who require specialist catering services.

For residents who want the experience of the best standards and choice in food as part of their environment we bring food concepts and formats proven in the most discerning quality and value- led High Street consumer markets. In our current villages we operate restaurants,, bistros and coffee shops as a vibrant part of life in villages. For residents for whom food is a key part of their health management we draw on our extensive experience in the care sector to provide individually designed services. Our ability to design services that successfully match the diversity in the profile of the residents of each community is a vital element in our relationship with the developers and managers of these villages.

Retirement Living is a highly specialised market that demands deep resources from caterers to evolve services that remain attractive, deliver best value and quality and meet the changing needs of residents over the long term. We are committed strategically to the sector as one where we can bring all our professional resources, innovation and passion for customer service to make an important difference to the lives of residents.