In Defence

Providing the food and support services that are essential to health and morale


The challenge of change and rationalisation in UK defence forces makes our work to maintain the quality and value of services on military bases more important than ever.

Since entering the Defence sector in 2005, Elior has become a successful operator in this arena, achieving a reputation for outstanding service among its clients. We provide a range of solutions to meet the combined needs of traditional soft services delivery and the new Catering, Retail and Leisure (CRL) initiatives.

Our catering operations are designed to reflect the culture and diversity of the modern military with services that nurture health, wellbeing and sociability and ensure that all personnel can meet the demands of the job. Our expertise in bringing to this environment nutriious food in a form that suits the tastes of our customers is particularly important. We also, increasingly, develop services that encourage families of  military personnel to eat and dine on site.

Our retail solution provides chilled food and produce, hot food to-go options and an expanding range of international and ethnic goods to meet the diverse needs of each unit.

Our range of Defence Support Services

  • Cleaning
  • Reception
  • Vending
  • Waste Management
  • Mail Room Services
  • Building and Fabric Services
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Office Services
  • Vended Solutions
  • Catering